Aleks Kocev

A native to Los Angeles, I believe in following a philosophy of emotionally based work, creating beautiful images that evoke a sense of wonder or emotional excitement.  Striving to take the road less traveled.  I think the rewards have payed me back in spades, both in my work.. and in my personal life.

I hope you have as much fun with my work as I had creating it.

Images featured in

VICE "Creators Project," Vimeo, Hypebeast, Juxtapoz, Cameo, Ransom Periodical, Complex Style, People, Lifestyle Mirror, Interview Magazine, The inside Source, Nylon Mag, Hi Fructose, Honnold Foundation, Pop Sugar,, NY Post, Digital Spy, E-Online, Paper Magazine, Absolut, Buzzsugar, Wall Street Journal, LA Times, Style News, Desert Sun, Refinery 29, Lux Life, INStyle, Vanity, New York Magazine, WWD


Adidas Outdoor Ambassador, Salt Optics "Friends of Salt," Stalyon Brand Ambassador